Bordeaux, France

DESTINATION Bordeaux, France

Discover the breath-taking beauty, fascinating history and fine wines of the Bordeaux region.

The wonderful St Emilion village, where wine has been made for over two thousand years, is still home to many of the most important wineries in the world. St Emilion is a true gem, offering visitors a mix of beautiful architecture, historic monuments, exquisite restaurants, art galleries and, of course, fine wines to enjoy.

A short train ride away, in Bordeaux city, visitors can relax in “little Paris” on the banks of the Garonne River. Rich in culture and boasting an artistic, tolerant vibe, Bordeaux is perfect for cyclists, shoppers (Rue Sainte Catherine is the longest pedestrian district in Europe) and sommeliers, who come for some of the best wines in the world. Don’t miss a performance at the neoclassical Grand Théâtre, with its 12 Corinthian columns and a sweeping staircase that inspired the Palais Garnier in Paris. Admire your reflection at the “miroir d’eau” fountain at Place de la Bourse. Or simply relax in one of the exquisite parks that dot the town like flowers.

Besides enjoying the Bordeaux region’s world famous vineyards and wines, it is a great starting point to discover the South of France. Enjoy daytrips to the Bay of Arcachon or to the picturesque villages of Dordogne.

Chateau Des Amis

Bordeaux, France

Wine-lovers’ paradise in UNESCO World Heritage site


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